Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Does your mother know...? 

No, we didn't get the idea from the ABBA song, although it would've been kind of cool if we had. We were just looking for a new way to mock the right one day and came up with this mother-guilt thing. (We have to wonder what some Republicans' mothers really do think? Do you suppose Glenn Beck's mom is proud of what he does?)

Anyway, this is one of several new bumper stickers we've introduced in the last few days. Check 'em all out at LEFT.

3 out of 4 doctors recommend the Public Option! 

So this recent survey came out that showed that a total of 73% of physicians wanted to see a public option or full universal health care. To turn that into a t-shirt, we harkened back to the days of TV commercials where "4 out of 5 doctors recommend..." Preparation H or something like that. And we came up with this design.

This one's available in a wide variety of both light and dark shirt colors, for men, women and kids. Plus we've got it on mugs, hats, mouse pads and other items. Get yours now at LEFT!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Conservative schizophrenia 

If you listen to the Republican crazies, the government is going to take over, they're going to wipe their asses with the Constitution, and aliens are going to invade Earth and take away our children.

What kind of mental disease does that remind you of? Right, paranoid schizophrenia! And so, in our own inimitable way, we turned that into a bumper sticker...yours for less than a fiver at LEFT.

If ignorance is bliss, why are Republicans so angry? 

We don't know about you, but we've about had it with stupid Republican shit, from Obama "indoctrinating" classroom students to "death panels" to birthers who think Obama's not qualified to be president.

It's so ridiculous it would be amusing, if not for the fact that these people are angry. Very angry. And so, in our own inimitable way, we came up with another product that expresses everyone's frustration with those dumb, angry people on the right.

Available now in the Anti-Republican section at LEFT.

Yes We Can Pass the Public Option 

The public option. A few months ago no one knew what those words meant, and now they're on the lips of everyone, the subject of a tooth-and-nail confrontation between true liberals, wimpy Democrats and the Forces of Evil (also known as the GOP).

Like the good liberals we are, we want to see the public option made available to the people. So in support of that, we came up with a design that blends the health care reform message with that familiar refrain from President Obama's election campaign, YES WE CAN.

So remember, if you feel your spirits flagging, just remember the enthusiasm we Obama supporters felt during the campaign, and tell yourself and others YES WE CAN PASS THE PUBLIC OPTION.


It's becoming an astounding "national discussion"...surreal, even. Democrats want to talk, and Republicans want to scream about death panels and forced euthanasia.

The people behind this have no shame, none at all. And unfortunately they are only too happy to spread their poison among the weak-minded lamebrains who show up at town halls and vow that Granny will be taken to the death chamber over their dead bodies! (And Sarah Palin is one of these crazies.)

So, for Dick Armey and all the others who are orchestrating this hate festival...this design is for you! And we hope you choke on it.

It's a's a plane... 

America loves its heroes, and we've taken a current real-life hero and combined his logo with the general shape of a famous fictional one.

This looks great on a blue shirt, but you can order it in a variety of colors, for men, women or kids. (It looks great in black, too!)

And as always, it's available at the LEFT store. Click on the LEFT ad to be taken to the store.

Health care stupidism 

These are all actual, real pictures from the teabagger parties of the Sept. 12-13 weekend. The parties may not have been that well attended, but they're still a remarkable display of stupidity, hatred, bigotry and illiteracy.

Time for a Cartoon! 

The best of recent political cartoons

What do the Republicans have against health care? 

So there we were, writing some humorous copy for one of our other lenses, FUN WITH REPUBLICANS (see above), and we created a Top Ten list of the reasons conservatives don't want to pass universal health care.

And the next thing you know, we were saying to ourselves, "Selves, this would make a great greeting card!" And so we did it.

Now at LEFT you can purchase a card that will tickle the funny bone of all of your liberal friends. There's room for your own salutation, so it can be any kind of card you choose. It makes a great Get Well card, but will work for birthdays and other events as well.

And remember, it only hurts when you laugh.